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Post by Digi on 2009-07-08, 00:40

As the AE forum has rules, so will mine, but less strict cos im nice like that jocolor
1. No swearing, flaming, name calling etc. No body likes this, and it can result in a warning or even a ban if it carries on or is severe enough.

2.PLEASE do NOT make a new topic without PMing me or Hallwalker or any Mod and waiting for us to reply and saying it's ok. We dont want loads of "pointless" threads scattered about the place.

3.PLEASE do NOT fill these forums with mindless drone about whatever, if information in the said thread ISN'T about the thread title, it will be removed with a note saying why.

Warnings and Ban Placements

If one does break a rule, i will give out a warning on the relevant post in the form of an Edit. You get up to three warnings:

1. A written note on the post saying why
2 A PM giving severe warning
3. Some privileges will be removed, Signature, Chat box whatever...

If you continue to break the rules i have no choice but to ban you, im not going to enjoy this any more than you will, so please do not let this happen.

Enjoy your stay

~Digi, Roman and Rory.


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