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Post by PieLover31416 on 2009-07-21, 02:49

I guess this will be TEEPOL's own little CR&A thread. (:

Anyway, here's the format you should use if you are going to enter in an entry:


Character Link:
Level & Status:
Class Levels:
Custom Weapon Element/Parts:

*Status refers to Adventurer or Guardian as some equipment is Guardian only.
*If you have a weapon that has more than one element and level please state the level and element.
*If you are unsure what Alignment is please see this thread.
*Notes section. Can be used for letting rater know you wish to accept z-token options or only want gold items. Also for letting rater know you may be upgrading soon so Guardian weapons can be listed as well. Letting rater know what class you are currently leveling if you are. These are just examples for this section so you can have an idea what could go here.

Well, here's my entry:

Character Link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=13564106 ; Under Avatar
Level & Status: 102; Guardian
Build: Max INT BMM --

DEX: 95
INT: 200
END: 50
CHA: 160
LUK: 5 (For occasional LUK-y strikes)

Class Levels:

Dracomancer: 10
Dragon Slayer: 10
Vampire Slayer: 7
Fighter: 10
Knight: 10
Paladin: 10
Necromancer: 10
Wizard: 10 (Current class)
Mage: 10
Rogue: 10
Ninja: 10
Beastmaster: 10
Berserker: 10
Pirate: 5
Scholar: 10
Martial Artist: 10

Notes: Need to Level up to Lv105 ASAP, so I can get Asgardian Plate, Mjonlir (optional), Fujin Plate, Tonbo-giri (optional), and Fujin Shield. I have no desire to take any of my INT away whatsoever. Saving up tokens for FSME or DSME. (ATM, with house sellback + Current Amount, I have ~13K Tokens, rapidly increasing in amount, thanks to the new Ballyhoo system. Smile And yes, like everyone else, I am very excited for the new Kindred Set, and will probably buy the current L85 version and later on sell it for the L105 version.

Goals: Level 105 (obviously), Asgardian/Fujin Equipment (all except for Asgardian Shield, since I already have it) the S-Shields (though I'm gonna wait and see if they decrease in price or not, via the sweep), Kindred 85/105, get all class levels to 10 (not going to be hard, though I'm too lazy to train them ATM :S).
Custom Weapon Element/Parts: None.
Alignment: Good/Unity

Alright, I mainly need advice on finish up equipment I should get, which Epic Equipment I should get first, if I'm missing on anything important, etc. Thanks.


P.S.- Any advice on the Dragon Forms would be greatly appreciated as well. Very Happy

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