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» The 'Ban Game!'
T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-08-08, 22:49 by Ubear

» Suggestions!
T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-08-08, 02:35 by Hallwalker

» Fishing Vacation
T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-08-08, 02:28 by Hallwalker

T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-07-23, 20:01 by Digi

» Word game Thread
T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-07-23, 19:59 by PieLover31416

» Open Discussion
T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-07-23, 19:58 by PieLover31416

» 3 Letter Word
T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-07-23, 19:53 by PieLover31416

» 'Guess That Song!'
T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-07-22, 20:46 by PieLover31416

» =AQ= Battle Strategies
T~E~E~P~O~L - Portal Empty2009-07-22, 00:06 by PieLover31416

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The 'Ban Game!'

2009-07-23, 20:01 by PieLover31416

Ok, here's another game, which was actually very popular over at the AE Forums, so I'm hoping it will be the same for here.

The 'Banned' Game -

Rules are the below poster has to ban the above poster for a random reason.

e.g., -

Poster 2: Banned for making this game!
Poster 3: Banned, because your posting in the game!
Poster 4: Banned for banning!

and so forth. (Yeah, I know …

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Fishing Vacation

2009-08-08, 02:28 by Hallwalker

As many of you may or may not have noticed... I have been largely inactive on these boards for quite some time now, this is not due to lack of interest in the forums, but because i am actually away fishing most of the time. I have recently joined a professional fishery in the Kent area and my free time is largely directed towards fishing, when i do get some time away from fishing i will come and …

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2009-07-06, 23:56 by Digi

Here is the place to say all your ACC/DIS in AQ
i dont mind idle chat, as long as it's short.

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Word game Thread

2009-07-21, 15:26 by Digi

As AQ Forums has one, i think it will be fun if we did too.

How this works is, you post your game idea, (must be a word game) and then explain how it works, ill say if i approve or dis aprove of it, on the game thread you made.

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Open Discussion

2009-07-07, 02:18 by Digi

Here is the place to discuss whatever is your mind, from what's happened on the news lately, to who you think should be kicked from BB.

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3 Letter Word

2009-07-21, 15:28 by Digi

Im sure we all know how this is played.
I'll start: An orange cat

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'Guess That Song!'

2009-07-21, 19:47 by PieLover31416

Another game thread -

Rules are:

The first poster writes down posts part of the lyrics to a song (try not to make it too obvious) and the next poster after him tries to guess the song. Along with the song name that poster tried to guess, he/she should also post lyrics to a song as well, so the next poster can try to guess the song, write down his/her own lyrics, etc.

Please PM me if …

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=AQ= Battle Strategies

2009-07-07, 20:13 by PieLover31416

Pretty much stolen from the AE Forums. Wink

Anyways, this thread's purpose is for discussing/asking advice for help on a certain "challening" monster.

As for me, I think I've beaten every tough monster 'cept the 'Gallin (200), Undead Xyphos (170), and the unbeatables. I've already taken down Nightmare Queen (200), Were-King (145), Safiria (145), Absolix (140), Mutant King and …

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AQ~ Ubers Discussion

2009-07-06, 23:58 by Digi

This is the place to discuss your opinions, thoughts and likes/dislikes on the current Uber's.
No swearing.

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